Tips on how to distinguish the quality of the down jacket

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Down coat fabric should have velvet, windproof and breathable properties, especially in velvet resistance. The quality of the fabric is dependent on the density of the fabric used. At present, the marketing feathers are mainly nylon taffeta and TC cloth. The general density of the gauze is above 230T, and 250T is the best. Under 230T, it is difficult to ensure that the villi can not be drilled. When identifying the fabric, first look at its thin, thin general for thin, thick for the dense; second is the use of hand flapping, if the fluffy fly out, the density must be below 230T; again is to hold a certain part of the garment to rub, such as no fine velvet drilling, density when in 250T; because nylon thick fabric has a coating, its treatment to be Bright, slippery, and even good.

The feathers are mostly ducks and goose down. Some down clothes in order to reduce the cost, the use of chicken tearing down or crushed cashmere, the so-called chicken tearing down, is to tear off the hair from the hair off the hair stem, crushed wool is the crushed wool stalk. It is really difficult to distinguish the down quality of down garments, but there is no rule to follow. Here are some methods to be taken. Consumers may as well try.

Two different thickness down clothing, looks very thick, but not very heavy. Its cashmere content is generally higher and its quality is better; on the contrary, thin and heavy, there must be some problems. Generally speaking, the weight of chicken tearing and crushing is larger than that of duck and goose.

The down coat is placed on the table and squeezed by hand. The quality of the velvet can overpress the very thin degree. After the pine hand, it can restore the original shape immediately and be fluffy. The inferior velvet can not be pressed very thin, and the pine hand is slowly restored after the hand.

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