Three mistakes on washing down jacket

June 10, 2018 | By iemon001 | Filed in: moncler jackets online.

Careful people will find that there is a small label printed on the inside of the down jacket with instructions for maintenance and washing. Of these, 90% of the down clothes are marked by hand washing. Because the dry cleaning of the drug – four chloroethylene will destroy the protein in the down feather, affect the heating performance, and the drying process is easy to age the cloth; and the machine wash, the down clothes are constantly screwed, the stuffing is very easy to become thin and uneven, making clothes shape, affecting beauty and warmth.

Cleaning the feather clothes with alkaline detergent, if the rinse is not clean, the residual detergent will cause damage to the down clothes, and it is easy to leave the white marks on the surface of the clothes, which will affect the beauty. The residual alkaline detergent will also affect the fluffiness of the down and greatly reduce the warmth retention. The best choice of the neutral detergent is to reduce the damage to the protein fiber, and it has excellent washing and conditioning functions. After washing, it can keep the luster and the internal fluffy of the fabric.

After the down garment is washed, it must not be wrung dry. It should be extruded, then paved or hung up to dry. No sun exposure or ironing is necessary to avoid scalding clothing. After drying, it can be lightly padded to make the down jacket restore fluffy and soft.

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