Can the quality of tailor made down jacket be assured?

June 10, 2018 | By iemon001 | Filed in: moncler jackets outlet.

Unlike the high profile of the custom renovate, the high profile of “90% cashmere”, the cashmere of the regular brand down jacket is about 70% to 90%, with a long down coat of 1359 yuan in the original price of Boston, whose label shows white cashmere containing 81% to 90% velvet, while the other long down coat with a original price of 1423 yuan is 81% to 90%. Gray duck down. In addition, Adidas brand down clothing label also shows 70% of gray duck down and 90% gray goose down, and the light weight down jacket and white feather down is 90%.

As for custom refurbished shops, it is rare to claim that “more than 90% of the cashmere content is even higher than 95%”.

The velvet of the down clothes on the market is generally 70% to 75%, and the velvet content of the down clothing brand is 70% to 80%, and the part can reach 90%. All the test reports have been issued by the country. How much is the eiderdown content in a small shop? It is difficult to judge because there is no relevant identification.

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