Many down jackets worth more than it looks

June 10, 2018 | By iemon001 | Filed in: moncler jackets sale.

The down coats in the shopping mall are popular, and the custom made and refurbished processing of down coats is also a fire. At noon on October 20th, the reporter found a special shop in Shinan District to make down garments. As soon as we entered the door, two sewing masters were busy making the down clothes. They were filled with down down clothes that had been processed, and all kinds of down jacket cloth, and different standard down in 3 glass containers.

“I want to make a down jacket. How much is it?” “What kind of feather do you want? There are 3 kinds of feather down, and the price is different.” Shop owner said, the difference is 280 yuan a piece, the ordinary is 380 yuan a piece, the good point is 480 yuan, see feather quality standards. “How much down is in a down jacket?” “3 two, that is, 150 grams.” The shopkeeper said that all down is weighed on the spot. If customers are worried, they can see the processing at the scene.

In addition, the market is also specialized in down garment renovation and processing, the reporter contacted such a company. “The semi finished garment is made by the manufacturer, the button and the zipper are all matched, and the down of your old down jacket is loaded in, and then we give the same styles and pictures for processing. The processing fee is 60 yuan, excluding the skin and down, you have to buy your own coat, the down can be used in your down down down, or our down, our down is 20 yuan one or two. The company’s boss said.

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