How warm can your down jacket be depends on its fluffiness

June 10, 2018 | By iemon001 | Filed in: moncler outlet ireland.

It is known that fluffiness is an important index to measure the warmth of down products internationally. It refers to the volume of cubic inches per ounce (30 grams) of down in a certain condition. For example, the space of one ounce of eiderdown is 600 cubic inches, and the feather is 600. Generally speaking, the fowl of the fat and mature birds have high fluffiness of their eiderdown; on the contrary, small birds have lower fluffiness.

There is a saying that the amount of cashmere and the amount of cashmere represents the “quantity” of the pile, and the fluffiness determines the quality of the pile. With the same amount of filling, the higher the fluffiness, the better the warmth retention function.

It is understood that down can be divided into goose down and duck down, according to the color can be divided into white velvet and gray velvet. Generally speaking, the quality of the down pile is better, so it is generally believed that goose down will be a little better than duck down. But these kinds of cashmere have the effect of keeping warm, the specific difference is not very big, but the price difference is bigger, consumers can choose according to their own needs.

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